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Anton Petrov is the founder and head of the Studio of author’s design and architecture ANTON PETROV Unique Home. Anton is a graduate of MGHPU. Stroganova, Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, Candidate of Technical Sciences. He started his career in 2002 as an Interior designer. In 2006, together with Ilya Korchagin, he founded the Architectural Studio ODS Laboratory, which over the years has been awarded various architectural and design awards and implemented more than 200 projects for various purposes. since 2015 ANTON PETROV Unique Home is an author’s Studio of interior design and architecture with its own production potential. This allowed us to go far beyond our projects, developing furniture technologies and product range.

A serious start to work in the field of object design can be considered in March 2010, when, in collaboration with Ilya Korchagin, our competitive project of a lamp for the Italian brand Linea Light took the first place and was awarded implementation by the factory and began to be sold around the world. This fact prompted Anton to create in 2012 a brand of designer furniture Linea Artistica, the idea of which was functional beauty. The products are bright art objects that give the interior personality and charm.


The philosophy of ANTON PETROV Unique Home is to create unique author’s interiors, unique collections of furniture and non-standard furniture solutions that allow you to achieve the integrity of the design image in the project. Each item from the ANTON PETROV Unique Home brand combines not only external aesthetics, but also thoughtful solutions that differ in its convenience and comfort. Many natural materials are used in the creation of the collection items — glass, wood, stone of exotic breeds, bronze, which gives the items a natural charm.

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Each collection of Anton PETROV Unique Home furniture is a separate story told by the author. The source of inspiration is everything beautiful and harmonious around us, whether it is nature in its versatility, as well as music, fashion, poetry. This is why Anton PETROV Unique Home interiors have their own individual face and sound.

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